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Information for foreign citizens


Student invitation and visa application

STEP 1: Fill up the application. This is necessary in order to issue the invitation for you.

STEP 2: Send us the filled out application with a scan of your passport (the page with your photo), a medical passport of a foreign citizen (a medical certificate) with results of medical tests (including HIV/AIDS) email or by mail. You can fill out the application in Russian or English.

STEP 3: Wait for about a month. Usually the issuing process takes from 4 to 5 weeks. You should pay attention that the field “Address” must be filled in correctly. As soon as you receive your invitation, you should apply for a visa at the consulate or the Russian Federation Embassy in your country.

STEP 4: When you get your visa, make sure that you have the following documents:

  1. the original and a notarized copy of the document of education; 
  2. a notorized translation of the diploma;
  3. a notorized copy of your passport;
  4. a notorized translation of your passport;
  5. 3 photos (3x4 cm);
  6. the medical passport of a foreign citizen (medical certificate) with results of medical tests (including HIV/AIDS).

ATTENTION! YOUR NAME in translations must be same as in your VISA.

STEP 5: When you get your flight tickets, inform our International Relationship Department about your arrival date.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, every foreign citizen arriving to the Russian Federation, must register within three days from the moment of crossing the border, ie issue the registration at the place of stay.

You can contact the International Relationship Department of Smolny

Address:195197,Saint-Petersburg, Polyustrovky Avenue,59

Tel:+7 (812)540-63-34

e-mail: inter@smun.spb.ru













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