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Director of the Linguistic Center,

Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, professor; Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of the Noosphere Public Academy of Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences, Ecology, Man Safety and Nature; Head of the scientific school "Methodology and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language."



Linguistic center

The linguistic center offers courses of Russian as a foreign language. Teachers of courses are certified specialists who apply modern methods of teaching. Groups are created according to students’ aims:

·        to obtain everyday communication skills and use them for professional purposes in the country of residence;

·        to teach children of migrants to communicate in Russian;

·        to prepare for university entrance;

·        to prepare migrants for passing an exam of the Russian language;

·        to prepare for the citizenship test: a Russian language integration exam, the history of Russia and the basics of the law.


Programs annotations of the project “Russian as a foreign language”


·                Russian as a foreign language

·                The initial stage of studying

·                Elementary and basic courses

·                The first certificate


·        The work program of the course “Russian as a foreign language” (pre-university preparation) is set up in accordance with "Requirements for the additional educational programs, providing studies for foreign citizens and stateless people in the field of the professional educational programs in Russian" (Order of the Ministry of Education of Russia №1304 from 03.10.2014). Students are supposed to obtain the discipline in 700 academic hours during the one school year.

·        The aim of the course is to provide knowledge to students to be able to realize educational activities and communication in the socio-cultural sphere.

·        The objectives of the course are teaching phonetics, formation of morphological and derivational basics, improvement of pronunciation and hearing skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, development of everyday speech and the bases of professional (scientific) speech.

Price for the course: 80 000 rubles




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