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Smolny  Institute was established in 1998 at the proposal of academician N. D. Nikandrov, the President of the Russian Academy of Eduacation. Russian Academy of Education acted as the founder of Smolny University. In 2004 the Holding Company “Elektrokeramika” and the Business Center “Polyustrovsky” became strategic partners in the organization of Smolny Unviversity’s activities (195197, Saint-Petersburg, 59 Polyustrovsky avenue).

In 2009, according to the decision made by the Presidium of Russian Academy of Education and the board of directors of the Holding Company “Elektrokeramika”, Innovative research and education center  “Smolny Institute University” was set up. On the one hand, the creation of that center allows Russian Academy of Education to have one more experimental platform for innovations.

On the other hand, the use of intellectual resources of Russian Academy of Education and the attraction of most talented young people into scientific and industrial activities of the holding will increase its efficiency and transform the Holding from the highly specialized company into the multifunctional industrial center.

Currently, Smolny Institute provides education within several areas: humanities, social studies, education and pedagogics, culture and art, economics and management, informational security, computer science and engineering, service, vehicles.

Our Institute implements 20 bachelor, 14 specialist and 1 master degree programs. These programs, which are constantly being improved, meet federal and state educational standards of higher education and include a number of copyright courses on special subjects. All areas of educational programs are provided with modern computer technologies and foreign languages learning. The institute employs 14 doctors and 43 candidates of sciences. The activities of faculties, departments and other structural subdivisions of the Institute are determined by the provisions and decisions taken by the Academic Council and approved by the Rector.

For the implementation of educational programs all the rooms are equipped for practical, seminar, computer classes and lectures. There are language and educational laboratories, library, assembly and sport halls. The main building of the Institute has a canteen, café, conference room and exhibition gallery. A large amount of funds is spent for the creation and development of material resources for educational and extracurricular activities; new educational laboratories, workshops and Youth Theater are being built. Smolny Institute functions as multidisciplinary organization with a flexible educational system.   In the future, our institute is a set of scientific and educational divisions of continuous educational cycle that is aimed at providing the upbringing and educational processes in accordance with the needs of the individual, society and state.



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